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Immigration =
Current Immigration Data -

Include in your keynote:
• Map of country/region
• When were significant wave(s) of immigration - statistics?
• What were some of push factors for immigration?
• Location of settlement pockets in US (use a map)
• Labor history - what kinds of jobs?
• History of discrimination? (look for images)
• Cultural contribution and/or famous immigrant from this country


Country and a link to start (not limited to just this info.):
Mexico - Taylor
China - Matt, Ande
Taiwan - Frank
Italy - Gina, Joey Sarah
Ireland - Braden, Peter Tyler
Germany - Alex, Erik Ryan M.
Arab -
Norway - Eric, Ian Hope
England - Alicia, Sierra
Russia - Mike, Dennis
Canada - - Suzanne
Netherlands - - Marshall
Czech Republic/Czechoslovakia - - Josef
El Salvador - - Ryan T.
Scotland - - Lucas
Spain - - Nestor

Civil Rights =
Brown v. Board of Education Supreme Court Case
• Civil Rights timeline
• NonviolentProtest 11 Keynote -
• Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech
• Contrast Malcolm X and MLK
• Handout with American Indian Movement (AIM), Cesar Chavez, National Organization for Women (NOW)
• terms: Segregation, Integration, Affirmative Action,
Quiz will be OPEN NOTES: Part I (solo): multiple choice, political cartoon analysis, short answer. Part II (assigned partner): crossword puzzle

BBC article on wealth gap between black and white Americans:
Different approaches to achieving equality: Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X:

Link for Civil Rights work and Eyes on the Prize Links
Brown vs. Board of Education Supreme Court case -
Please print the document once you've completed it.