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Unit Topic

Class Resources

Growth of a Nation -

Territorial Growth of US

Please open this page to see enlarged maps of territorial expansion of US. Click here to review the animated atlas.

Indian Removal - Cherokee and Trail of Tears

Please see class resources.

Review - Quiz

To study for quiz: Review sheet -

See also colonial map links and keynote presentations on tribes below to help you review.
Link to help you see where major rivers (Ohio, Mississippi, and Missouri) are.
Link to help you see where Indian tribes we studied were located.
Blank colonial map to practice geography -

French and Indian War

French and Indian War

Please open this document to read about the war between the French, British and many Indian tribes for control of the land in the Ohio River valley. Please follow directions carefully on the handout - you do not need to read all of the text on the website!

Development of American Colonies

Resources for Map of Colonies

1) Map showing colonial regions
2) Map showing important colonial cities - this is an interactive map, so you can click on the colony and/or city to learn more information

Here is a map that shows how Appalachian Mountains bounded the colonies in the West:


Early American Colonies - Jamestown, Virginia and Plimoth, Massachusetts

Jamestown Simulation - click here to start the simulation

Learning about Native Americans in Different Regions of North America

Tribal Creation Stories

You will read a creation story related to a tribe you will study. As you read the story, be prepared to respond to these two questions about your story.

1. Be ready to summarize: What are key elements of how the this tribe believes the world was created?

2. What does this creation story suggest about cooperation and the connection between humans and non-humans?

Please see prior student presentations about tribal groups below.





(Cherokee creation story)