[[image:/file/view/9b-Jun11.png/342427452/9b-Jun11.png align="right" caption="June B/W calendar"]]
To prepare for class on:
June 12
2 White Final Exam - 8:00-9:30
4 White Final Exam - 10:00-11:30

For Review:
• Jeopardy review we did in class -
• Abridged version of Bill of Rights -
June 8
No homework. We'll use time in class to finish our study of Afghanistan and to review for the final exam.
June 6
1. Complete reading on US policy in Afghanistan and comparisons to Vietnam. The document is attached here in case you misplaced the copy handed out in class.
There will be a brief reading quiz over this article in class on Wednesday.

2. Study your map of Afghanistan and be prepared to label the cities on the map we created in class + Pakistan on a map quiz. This link may be helpful, although you only need to be familiar with the cities we labeled in class: https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/maps/maptemplate_af.html.
June 4
No class - junior day off for SAT.
Thursday, May 31
No new homework.
May 29
Complete protest song presentation (music, lyrics, photos). Be prepared to present at the beginning of class.
May 24
Please choose a protest song (see list on attached assignment) and complete the chart on the last page of the handout. If you are working with a partner/small group, each person should complete this independently. Print just the chart prior to coming to class. You will have some class time on Thursday to work on your song presentation. Students will present completed work in class on Tuesday, May 29.

May 22
No homework.
May 18
Study for WWII quiz. Review sheet -
May 16
Read Option Card (colored paper) about a choice facing a US policy maker regarding whether or not to use an atomic bomb to end WWII. Answer questions related to your assigned option (white paper). Be ready to discuss in class.
May 14
Read class handout on WWII and respond to questions on last page of the handout. Please include thorough responses in your own words.
May 10
Read first pages from the novel, The True Story of Hansel and Gretel, and write a paragraph that shares what you think happened next in the book or what happened to the characters (you have creative flexibility!).
Tuesday, May 8
Study for test on Imperialism/WWI by reviewing class notes, information on wiki pages, and this review sheet:

May 4
1. Complete reading selection from All Quiet on the Western Front and yellow handout with notes from your reading.
2. Complete the assignment (posted to the WWI page of the wiki) that asks you to choose (and briefly annotate) interesting primary source photographs and propaganda posters from the era. Please email me your Pages document with WWI Assignment in the subject line.
May 2
No homework.
April 30

April 26
No homework.

Enjoy your spring vacation!

April 12
Prepare for graded oral and written discussion on US immigration policy reading your role card (colored paper) handed out in class.
April 10
No homework.
April 6
No homework.
April 4
No homework. No block 2 class due to math/science augmentation test.
April 2
1. Complete background reading on immigration -

2. Explore this interactive map (use Safari as browser; Firefox does NOT work):
http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2009/03/10/us/20090310-immigration-explorer.html. Choose country you're curious about in top left menu bar, and then see how immigration changed over time by sliding bar on top of map.

3. Explore this current data on immigration:

4. Complete class handout.
March 29
Study for Civil Rights quiz. Review sheet -
March 21-
March 27
No homework - make the most of your CEP experiences!
March 19
Complete Civil Rights iMovie project - we'll share in class on Monday.
March 14
Continue research/work on Civil Rights iMovie project. You will have half of Wednesday's class to work on your project, which will be due on Monday, March 19.

March 12
Complete reading/responses to Timeline of Major Events in Civil Rights Era (handed out in class). If you're absent/need another, go to my office and look for extra copies on clip attached to black filing cabinet. In class on Monday, I'll go over iMovie and you'll have time to work on your projects.
March 8
Learn about the landmark Supreme Court case, Brown v. Board of Education:

If you don't finish this in class, please finish as homework.
March 6
Study for quiz on Reconstruction.
March 2
Complete current events assignment:


Wednesday, Feb. 29
No homework.
Feb. 16
Study for test on causes of the Civil War (slavery, failure of political compromises, and economic differences between North and South) and Civil War.

Feb. 14
Explore this interactive History Channel website, Civil War 150: http://www.history.com/interactives/civil-war-150#/home. Choose any three categories to explore, and write on your green handout some of the information/facts you found interesting. Be sure to also write down a question(s) you have about the Civil War!
Feb. 10
Complete Civil War Timeline assignment...
1) Read entire timeline; 2) Watch videos embedded on Slavery/Civil War page of the wiki (http://ushistory-yhs.wikispaces.com/Civil+War+%2711 - scroll down to videos embedded midway on page) and respond to questions on the handout; 3) Label major battles on map on last page of handout (use maps on Slavery/Civil War page of the wiki as resources).
Feb. 8
No homework.
Feb. 6
Choose one abolitionist to study from the handout, research using link and/or other resource, and be prepared to provide a brief overview of the person's work on the abolition of slavery plus a quote about abolition or slavery. (Started in class... please finish if did not complete in class.)

Feb. 2
No homework.
Jan. 31
No homework.
Jan. 27
No new homework... this is a great opportunity to get caught up on any overdue work!
In class: Budget Hero game: http://www.marketplace.org/topics/economy/budget-hero
Jan. 25
Study for quiz on material we've explored in our study of industrialization and reform. Please see wiki pages (gray text in sidebar) for classroom resources.
Our round-robin review -
Review sheet -
Jan. 23
Final copy of policy recommendation letter due at beginning of class. Be sure to bring in your draft that I made comments on as well; I'll collect both copies.
Jan. 19
Cinquain poem due. See Depression and New Deal page of the wiki for links... instructions on gray sheet handed out in class. Read about Great Depression on gray sheet, too.
Jan. 17
All group members - please send a couple of engaging, relevant images to your topic (group) leader to incorporate into your group's keynote. You'll have a few minutes at the beginning of class to finish up your work. The goal here is to let the photographs tell much of the story... although this is in a different format, this example might help you get an idea of a similar project: http://bluedevilx15.edu.glogster.com/antebellum-mill-girls-7438/
Jan. 12
Snow Day.
Jan. 10
Draft of policy recommendation letter due at beginning of class.

In class: Watch 60 Minutes segment - http://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=7384062n
Jan. 6
Continue working on draft of policy recommendation letter - due Tues., Jan. 10.

In class,
Dec. 21
Policy Recommendation - adapt for your policy! Print your draft and hand it in before the end of class.

Dec. 7
Complete a draft of your presentation - you will have a chance to practice your presentation in class in small groups.
Dec. 5
No new homework due. Get caught up if you're behind... and start work on your presentation using the yellow handout (puzzle pieces) from class. Monday will be an important work day in class.
Dec. 1
Think of a great question(s) to ask an expert in your topic, and send an email to him/her. Be sure to cc: me if you unless you encounter a form to fill out on a website.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Nov. 22
Due at the end of class on Tuesday!

Nov. 18
Complete data/public opinion assignment begun in class.

Nov. 16
Complete data collection on court case using the template below and suggested links on the public policy wiki under (Judicial Branch).

Nov. 14
Complete data collection on state or federal law OR executive branch action (depending on topic, you will complete one or the other).

Nov. 9
Issue Overview assignment due at beginning of class. Please print before class.
Nov. 7
No homework due, but you should be continuing work on your issue overview (using this template), due Wednesday, Nov. 9 in class.

Nov. 3
1. Study for current events quiz for Luca's and Haley's presentations (2White) or Yannik's presentation (4White).
2. Complete initial interest statement using this template. Please print before class.

Nov. 1
Study for CIVICS TEST. Remember, optional review session in room 503 after school on Monday. Hope to see you there!
Oct. 29
Review reading on Bill of Rights (first 10 Amendments to the Constitution) and complete sections ("Reading the Bill of Rights" and "The Bill of Rights in Real Life") in blue Civics handout.
Oct. 26
Complete work on state ballot questions.
Oct. 24
Study for 2 current events quizzes - presentations uploaded or linked from your class' current events page.
2White - Nick's and Evan's presentations.
4White - Emily's and Alex's presentations.
*Note: anyone who would like to re-take 50 states quiz should arrange with me to do so by Friday, Oct. 28. I will average your two scores.
Oct. 20
Study for short quiz over causes and outcome of American Revolution. Please be sure to review your class notes and the Keynote on the Revolutionary War page of the wiki (part of Government and Civics unit).
Oct. 18
Share your insights on the Join or Die political cartoon, answering questions on the class handout.
Oct. 14
Study for re-take of Westward Expansion quiz a map quiz of 50 US states. Links to online map games to help you study for US map quiz are on the Westward Expansion page of the wiki.
Oct. 12
No homework - no class for block 2 because of PSATs.
Oct. 7
1. Read the timeline (tan paper) handed out in class.
2. Examine the documents (1-8) that you got during the scavenger hunt (extra copies are on my desk in room 509 in case you're missing any).
3. Answer the questions on the documents (either using information from the document or from the text/timeline).
4. Complete the blue handout asking for your analysis of the documents and your thoughts about government policy during this period of westward expansion.
Oct. 5
Please complete your yellow handout sharing your reflections and analysis of the film.
Oct. 3
No homework!
Sept. 29
Study for a brief map quiz over the territorial expansion of the US, matching major land acquisitions with the ways in which the US government officially claimed title to the land. Please see the maps on the Westward Expansion page of the Frontier unit.
Sept. 27
No homework - enjoy the weekend.
Sept. 23
Look at note sheet on back of America in 1803 reading we did in class. You were assigned to read about one of the tribes that helped Lewis & Clark on their journey. Complete reading using the links below and complete that column in your chart. (Handout also included on Westward Expansion resource page on the wiki.)
Shoshone - http://www.pbs.org/lewisandclark/native/sho.html
Nez Perce - http://www.pbs.org/lewisandclark/native/nez.html
Clatsop - http://www.pbs.org/lewisandclark/native/cla.html
Sept. 21
Finish reading about the French and Indian War and the complete class handout.

Sept. 19
1. Complete your colonial map (both sides of handout) started in class.
2. Study for a map quiz of the 13 colonies (13 colonies + 5 cities + Appalachian Mountains + Atlantic ocean) AND location of Iroquois, Mississippian, Lakota/Sioux, Hopi, and Tlingit (see Native American handout).
Sept. 15
1. Go to this website and choose a Native American tribe you are interested in learning about.
2. Research where the tribe originally was located and/or is located now (these may be different locations).
3. Record 3 interesting, new facts about the tribe (could be about their ancient history or modern issues).
4. Be prepared to share your new knowledge with your classmates!